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The franchise starts from Naples… and we also we!

In Naples, the second edition of Franchise Expo, the show dedicated to those who want to open a new business using the formula of membership. “It remains to the south” is the slogan of the event which primarily focuses on the world of food and that of services for children.

If some time you blend your head the idea to open a business, but you lack the proper support to create enterprise, support the design and everything that is useful to develop your business, you might find the answer in the world of franchising.

The 18 e 19 May, the Overseas Exhibition in Naples, It is the second edition of Franchising Expo Naples, the fifth fair Progecta signed which aims to create career paths in the South Center Market.

Today, There are affiliate formulas that make it easier and less costly path to the opening of a store of a brand and the fair becomes an interesting opportunity to establish a first contact between aspiring franchisees and retailers. In Naples, there will be companies of all business sectors, from mature businesses to the most innovative startups.

“The franchise industry usually finds fertile ground in areas where there are opportunities to traditional employment for lack of industries and factories as is evident in our country where, not by chance, Franchising Expo was immediately grounded” comments Angel de Negri, director of Progecta then continues: “In this world I found what I expected: a great opportunity for young people seeking employment, and in particular a great opportunity for young people who want to start a business on their own “.

Among the various areas, It is tied to the great rise mondo del food. One example is “The cookery school in Sale&Pepe in franchising”, an ideal project for those who want to transform the passion for cooking into a real job, following the success of the model school, open from May 2015 Piazza Diaz in Milan. Thanks to franchising, You will also be opened in other cities a cooking school that will rely on brand strength Sale&Pepe and experience of qualified personnel who will teach the secrets of cooking and give the right tips on how to engage and entertain participants during class. There are two proposed models, an installation project with fixed locations and a kind of traveling kitchen to be used during tour events and trips.

Another sector that is enjoying success is tied to childhood. The push comes from Ludoteca Focus Junior Play Lab, the leading brand in the world design children, which provides for the opening of a place open to children from 3 to 12 years, where recreation and gaming alternate with educational and learning, with a ‘footprintedutainment, or workshops and activities that stimulate the skills and abilities of children.

The challenge of Expo Franchising is launched from the south and promises a great support with training and guidance to the company, especially young people of the South.

Blu Vacanze

Bluvacanze and Living&Traveling debut at Expo Franchising Napoli

The event will be held on 18 e 19 May the Overseas Exhibition

The 18 e 19 May Bluvacanze and Living&Traveling will be present at the Expo Franchising in Naples. The event, to be held in the exhibition space of the Overseas Exhibition, allow the company to present its formula of association in participation for the whole of the South Center Market. The staff and sales force Bluvacanze and Living&Traveling expect all concerned to undertake an own business within the world of tourism at the Pavilion 6 Stand 6035 the exhibition space of the capital of Campania.

“For our reality it is a debut in this type of trade show – explains Claudio Busca, Directorate General Leisure area Bluvacanze Group – and we are confident that we will provide an important platform to present our project. Entering into our network will allow the associate to be part of one of the most recognized brand in the tourism world with over 320 outlets throughout Italy and a sign that more than 20 years is recognized by the final customer as synonymous with strength and experience. Furthermore you can enjoy a support 360 degrees for all technical and administrative issues “.

In addition to the exhibition space there will also be a training: Saturday 19 May starting at 14.00 in the Tyrrhenian Hall will host the presentation “Living and traveling with Bluvacanze. Market leader in the world of holidays “ dove Antimo Russo, Sales network management and development of the Group Bluvacanze will present to the public the business potential of the association in participation in the organized tourism market.

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Réunion d’affaires Iref Campus italien et Franchise Franchise Expo à Naples 2018

vendredi 18 mai à 18, Iref Italie créera une réunion d’affaires dans la zone de formation dans sa zone d’affichage. Ce sera une rencontre relationnelle et brève mise à jour avec des conseillers, experts et franchiseur ouvert à tous les acteurs de l’industrie. Voici l’invitation avec le programme:


Sous la direction du Dr Mirco Comparini pour l’analyse professionnelle Gruop Ltd-Franchise et étude Comparini & Russo, La franchise aura lieu sur le campus – Ecole de la franchise au cours des deux jours

selon le programme suivant: