From 19 May the Overseas Exhibition new professional appointment to seize one of the best opportunities for business development in the South and for those who want to get involved

Naples, 25 January 2017 – The South opens its doors to commercial enterprises that want to invest in the territory thanks to EXPO Franchising, the first professional exhibition dedicated to franchising, retail and startup scheduled at the Overseas Exhibition in Naples Saturday 19 is Sunday 20 May.

The event is organized by Progecta, a leading professional organization of highly successful exhibitions as BMT, PHARMEXPO, ARKEDA out of the appetizer, committed to the mission to shift the focus of the markets to Naples, South and then towards the center of the Mediterranean.

A goal already hit right in tourism, in Health and Pharmaceutical, for architecture, design and decor and in agribusiness and food, which now you want to revive the franchise, in the belief that the South, starting from Naples, It can be a breeding ground still the most active companies still need to explore well to increase its success.


Development opportunities for the South

“Franchising is one of the best opportunities for business development in the South and for those who want to try to get involved”. explains Angelo de Negri, director of Progecta explaining the idea to make Naples the headquarters of the only major national event dedicated to Franchising and Retail: “Ours is a city accustomed to the challenges and change, able to renew itself, ideal so where to start a new challenge that moves south axis of a possible development. Franchising Expo Napoli will be the show where the traditional trade will merge with the evolution of the distribution, the ideal place to emerge on the market “.

The lounge is dedicated to retail, franchising and entrepreneurship and will be open to all sectors and in all sectors, able to engage and tell ancient and new businesses, History and Future, start-ups and young ideas ready to get involved. An event during which there will be the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, professionals lenders with which to confront and assess the possibility of undertaking an entrepreneurial path can be a path to success if approached carefully and right determination. The Expo Franchising Napoli may therefore prove to be a great development opportunity in an interesting and alternative market.

The exhibition area will host companies from all business sectors: : mature companies and innovative startups, the top players of the franchise that meet aspiring franchisees and retailers to explain its business model and the benefits of- the affiliate business.

From food to clothing, from trips to service and innovation: here are the offers

A number of market segments that will find space in the halls of Overseas Exhibition, through the presence of the major market players: It ranges from catering and food to clothing, from accessories to travel and tourism and then real estate, wellness and health, personal care, entertainment, training, technological innovation, and advisory services.

FRANCHISE EXPO NAPOLI will be visited by thousands of potential franchisees between entrepreneurs, distributors, retailers, dealers, developers and consultants, , operators of e-commerce and practitioners, interested in creating their own satellite ventures, , affiliations , E-commerce operators and professionals interested in creating their own satellite companies, networks..

During the two working days there are specific to sensitive closed-door workshops for exhibitors, meetings reserved to companies consolidated by advisors of private equity and private meeting with advisor to start-ups venture capital. Exhibitors will conduct the training and refresher courses for young and aspiring franchisees and they can explain the benefits of membership to its network, Exhibitors will conduct the training and refresher courses dedicated to young and aspiring entrepreneurs, and will explain them the benefits of affiliating with their networks, .

The program also includes the minimaster for operators who want to update and conferences on market issues and current affairs.

“We want to Franchise Expo can leave and branching projects and companies. On the other hand Campania is the fourth Italian region and the first of the South for the number of start-ups, “concluded Angelo de Negri.

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