In May in Naples is the first large hall aimed at businesses that want the penetration of their brand in the South and abroad

Napoli turns the spotlight on new forms of franchising, the retail, on networks and on start up with the first and only trade show organized in the South, scheduled at the Overseas Exhibition Friday 19 is Saturday 20 May.

It is a unique event of its kind for the type of Meet & Match which tends to facilitate the meeting between entrepreneurs, professionals, experts, talented young.

Progecta then gives in Naples a new important event that wants to look out the south-central area on the reality of new forms of franchising and retail in the age in which it is to drop the myth of a permanent job is a stimulus and an invitation to devote himself to ‘business activity.

The affiliation is in fact one of the best opportunities for business development in the South and for those who want to try to get in the game and the new saloon is a useful tool for the growth of the companies participating through the skills and tools available to them and to same way that potential franchisees the chance to learn, meet and explore the world of franchising in every respect.


A proven formula

The exhibition is organized with the traditional formula Progecta which has already led to the successful BMT – Mediterranean Tourism Exchange, Pharmexpo, arcades, Gustus and Showcolate for a total of more than 40 editions of industry grants: will be an exhibition area with big names from different areas of entrepreneurship that will propose to the parties concerned their different partnership opportunities while in Meet & Match will develop the b2b meeting between Italian and foreign brands buyers interested in our products to be imported through the opening of outlets in its territory.


That workshop is an exciting opportunity that the show dedicated to Italian companies to grow abroad, on the basis of the trend revealed by a study conducted by Confimprese, the Association of enterprises of modern commerce, It shows that many retailers companies, already abroad, They state that “the market is definitely growing away from Italy than in our country”.

The reason for this was given Paul Aruta, director of A Hundred, the company that owns the brand Fratelli La Bufala, in an interview to Start Franchise: “The role playing franchise in the growth strategy of a brand catering, for example, It is potentially very high, for speed and the ubiquity of the growth of a chain but Italy still have to work on the franchise culture, also because from the legislative point of view there is still no clarity on the protection of the franchisor and the franchisee after the signing of the contract “. Abroad, so it is easier.

Yet research conducted by Confimprese focuses on the most interesting countries for the Italian brand. In first place is France, followed by the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany. Outside Europe, They have to report the opportunities offered by China, the United Arab, from the United States, India and Brazil. And many of these countries do not by any chance there will be to the Neapolitan salon.

A lesson from the experts

The techniques and secrets to learn to be able to develop this new form of entrepreneurship will be told to visitors of the exhibition, Alfio Bardolla and Robert King, Financial coach the first and the second motivational coach. These are the two greatest Italian experts, known to the public for the success of their seminars and the ability to fill the arenas that host their seminars with people in the target. Their courses teach you how to start their own business and how to deal with a path, hopefully, lead to success.

For this Bardolla and King will be in Naples to christen the new Expo Franchising and indicate the right way to bet on themselves.


Big names featured

Several sectors represented at the fair. It ranges from food to clothing, from cosmetics to sex shops, dall’automotive all’immobiliare, Credit Bureaus, training institutions, production enterprises and sales of accessories.


Important names but also new players in the franchise, retail, Networking will be the main actors of the exhibition together with trade associations such as Federfranchising and Iref that will come to Naples to investigate the permeability of the southern market to this new business trend.


Big names like Marinella or Giappo, Rossopomodoro and Fratelli La Bufala. But also many other national established brands and new: Casa Piocheur, B-Rent, Paris Cosmetics, global Box, Yolanda, Small Pay, BRD, Booklet, Coffee Break is, Tacos&Beer, Quattrobi, Blooker, Toaster King, Easy Franchising, Maxisoft, Move in Cloud, Albertini, Label Rose, The Travel Sweets, to Travel Agents, DS Shirts, ColorGlo, Kikkiamo,l’Agrumeto Cosmetics, Flavors of Sicily, Stock B2C, Agency Italy Service Point, Sexy Shop Vizietto, Work& Training, Work&the first and only large professional, Hdr Traning School. A further touch of international Neapolitan Expo will come from France. The lounge is in fact a partner of Fair Franchising Paris and from there will come various companies interested in the Italian market, in particular from the make-up industry.

Through their presence, the company’s protagonists who already presidino the franchising market will tell how they did it. One of these will Giappo that during Franchise Expo will also feature a cooking sushi course. The founder of the Group, Enrico Schettino, explains that franchising was the most efficient way to develop the brand Giappo like wildfire and soon. “The franchise gives you the ability to transfer know-how, vision and concept in a powerful and innovate where no one has gone before. The Giappo system guarantees the supply and operational optimization Quality, customizing each store in a unique way, with menu suggestions, Service methods and preparation carefully studied “.


Opportunities for the future

To quote the words of Angel de Negri, director of the organizing company Progecta, The new salon is to be read as an opportunity to treat yourself to a future.

“We want to Napoli can go and branching projects and companies around the world. On the other hand Campania is the fourth Italian region and the first of the Mezzogiorno for number of start-ups. For this there are specific workshops closed doors reserved for exhibitors, meetings reserved to companies consolidated by advisors of private equity and private meeting with advisor to start-ups venture capital. Exhibitors will conduct the training and refresher courses for young and aspiring franchisees and they can explain the benefits of membership to its network. also minimaster are scheduled for operators who want to update and conferences on market issues and current affairs “.

Let the show begin!

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