Great Success for the first edition of FRANCHISE EXPO NAPOLI, The fifth exhibition signed Progecta that is imposed immediately as the only Italian fair profit to conquer the South Center Market.

The franchise to meet the demand for labor coming from the south center: is the idea that is emerging in the area and Progecta collected and concentrated in the Franchise Expo, The second edition of the Salon Franchise, Retail and Start Up will open its doors again 18 e 19 May 2018 the Overseas Exhibition in Naples.

After the great interest last year, the event, It is raised with the franchisor and the affiliate formulas that today make it easier and less costly to open a selling point of rubbing of some of the major brand present on the market in a number of product categories, from the traditional ones clothing, cosmetics or Immobiliare to those in high rise as those related to food.

“The franchise industry usually finds fertile ground in areas where there are opportunities to traditional employment for lack of industries and factories as well as it ‘clear our territory where, not by chance, FRANCHISE EXPO was immediately rooted, “said Angel de Negri, director of Progecta then continues: “In this world I found what I expected: a great opportunity for young people seeking employment and in particular a great opportunity for young people who want to start a business on their own “.

The exhibition area will host companies from all business sectors: : mature companies and innovative startups, the top players of the franchise that meet aspiring franchisees and retailers to explain its business model and the benefits of- the affiliate business.

“The Expo Franchising protagonists do not aim at new challenges to be launched – continues de Negri – the franchisor has now realized that the Franchise strengths are focused on the “membership light” formula that must provide for the non-excessive investment demand by the franchisee, product quality to market less “CHINA EMPLOYEE” possible and that the new Franchise is primarily a means of product distribution, away from those contractual sophistications that have damaged the already big names in the business world and especially those who demanded big sales at non-market prices and perhaps without an appropriate advertising support to the Franchisee with large joint and constant campaigns “.

To participate in Franchising Expo and is really interested in this opportunity, Progecta provides great support for innovation thanks to its great experience in organizing B2B events. As in all its initiatives taking place throughout the year always at the Overseas Exhibition, Also at Expo Franchising there are training courses or conferences to guide aspiring franchisees and help them choose the right affiliate from those suggested by the companies that guarantee reliability and represent brands that stood out for its thoroughness and. It is a way to minimize the risk of increasingly enterprise to consider more and when you think of their own business.

For the future Franchising Expo promises to provide great support to the young people of the South to create conditions favorable for their entry into the enterprise market and labor.

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